2013 – a year in listening and a year lived

12 months and nary a post…

My father died 11 months ago. At the service in Richmond we played a song by dad’s favourite singer Kathleen Ferrier, Fjöll Í Austri Fagurblá by Sigur Ros and in conclusion Kraftwerk’s Autobahn. They were a perfect choice and we cried and laughed at the last. I scattered dad’s ashes by the Swale where I’d scattered mum’s two years before. Robert

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2012 – a year in listening

Look back number 10, a decade’s worth of reflection – which makes it sound far grander than it is. I’m as rapacious and I think catholic in my listening as ever, perhaps more so. My habit seems to be focused on intense bouts of listening to certain artists, periods which might last anywhere between a month and a year or more; then moving on, the trail gone cold, sometimes to be returned to, sometimes not. Those artists that bear return tend to hover around the top of my listening chart, namely Kraftwerk, Miles, Scott, Kip.

A quick iTunes smart playlist for 2012 turns up remarkably few notable albums. I wonder whether I’ve deleted noteworthy releases, but if they were worthwhile I probably wouldn’t have removed them. I’m forced to conclude that most of the wonderful music I’ve listened to wasn’t released this year. Looking back at 2011, it seems like there were more worthwhile releases. I’m firmly not of the belief that music is on the wane, but I wonder whether as I grow older I’m less interested in the new. Something to keep an eye on.

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I’ve been writing this blog for quite a lot longer than three years and now I’m finally getting round to writing something in the About page. But what to write? Oh well, if you check the category listings you’ll see what I cover. It’s a ragtag assortment of bits and bobs, anything that catches my fancy really. Unsurprisingly, much of that is music. I much appreciate comments, but whether you feel like making them or not, I hope you find something of interest.

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