A decade of listening

“305,757 plays since 15 Dec 2004″

“7,011 Artists in total”


I registered on Last.fm 10 years ago today.

The figures above are reasonably accurate: for pretty much all of that time I’ve been automatically or manually logging the music I’ve listened to.

I check my page on an almost daily basis, I look at the weekly totals mostly.

I think the fascination lies in the marking of something so absolutely ephemeral (the data) and something so important in my life (listening to music).

Once a week a service automatically tweets my top 3 artists.

The presence of these figures undoubtedly influences what I listen to.

It’s clear that statistics influences behaviour.

I’ve used Last.fm frequently in the last couple of years to find new music to listen to via the ‘Similar Artists’ section.

Sometimes I like to express my appreciation for a musician by leaving a comment on their automatically generated page

At other times I like to check the comments of other listeners and note their different languages.

The last time someone left a comment on my page was on 28 August 2013; I receive friend requests only very infrequently now.

Last.fm seemed to stop innovating as a service many years ago – probably when the company was sold by its founders.

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2013 – a year in listening and a year lived

12 months and nary a post…

My father died 11 months ago. At the service in Richmond we played a song by dad’s favourite singer Kathleen Ferrier, Fjöll Í Austri Fagurblá by Sigur Ros and in conclusion Kraftwerk’s Autobahn. They were a perfect choice and we cried and laughed at the last. I scattered dad’s ashes by the Swale where I’d scattered mum’s two years before. Robert

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I’ve been writing this blog for quite a lot longer than three years and now I’m finally getting round to writing something in the About page. But what to write? Oh well, if you check the category listings you’ll see what I cover. It’s a ragtag assortment of bits and bobs, anything that catches my fancy really. Unsurprisingly, much of that is music. I much appreciate comments, but whether you feel like making them or not, I hope you find something of interest.

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