iTunes 5

screenshot of itunes interface

First impressions? Window dressing rather than anything like properly rethinking the interface in light of the vastly increased demands made upon it (the ability to add folders in the sidebar seems something of a cop-out, at least on first impressions – though if they start enabling folders in the sidebar of iPhoto I’ll be a happy man. At least for a moment or two anyway). I really should get round to writing part 2 of my Rethinking iTunes essay. Part 2 would be where I’d suggest alternatives based upon the existing OSX interface, though Coverflow does a gorgeous sidestep to this way of proceeding. There’s still loads of wasted space in iTunes 5, the cd cover window remains an afterthought. The search does seem to finally work satisfactorily (I could never work out why it didn’t before, reminded me very much of searching Windows and never getting anything back). iTunes 5? More like iTunes 4.95.

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