iTunes, second impressions

screenshot of itunes interface

I stick to my view that it’s lacking a proper rethink, but there are a couple of fascinating (but ultimately frustrating) changes to the new version that are accessible via ‘get info’. It’s possible to tick a box to ‘remember playback position’ which means returning to that track starts play from where you stopped. Great. Secondly there’s a tab on this dialogue box called ‘lyrics’. It’s possible to add any text to the box and much more text is allowed here than in the ‘comments’ box. This improvement presents the opportunity to add the names and instruments of players, something that should have been there from the start. So what’s the frustration? It’s only possible to do this one track at a time. If more than one track or an album or an artist is selected neither of the aforementioned options are available, thus making the functionality effectively useless.

Amusing Daring Fireball skit on the departure of brushed metal from iTunes here. Rundown of all new features available via iPodlounge.

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