iTunes 6

So we’re on version 6 – SIX! – of the software and…

  • You can still only allocate crossfade for each and every piece of music in the library rather than on a case by case basis. Verdict? To employ the American vernacular – this SUCKS.
  • If you begin to play a song, then go and browse around your music and then use another application, iTunes will often stop after the track has ended. This doesn’t always happen, but it does so often enough to be annoying. It always happens when using Synergy keyboard shortcuts to stop and start music. Verdict: SUCKS.
  • When you return to a track, unless the option has been enabled on the particular mp3 you were playing, it doesn’t start from where it stopped and it’s necessary to guess where you were. Verdict: SUCKS.
  • Music is still treated more like an anonymous text file than the audio-visual adventure that CDs and vinyl always were. In fact iTunes’ presentation of music is even the poor cousin of Apple’s Finder. At least in the latter you can assign colours to folders and paste custom icons onto both folders and individual files. An adapted version of the Columns view would also be a much more intuitive method of browsing music than the current two pane interface or the awfully clumsy five pane browser interface. I mocked up the unholy offspring of a Finder window and iTunes below in half an hour or so. It’s not pretty, but I think I’d find it a significant improvement with the colour coding and the larger graphics integrated into the main window rather than stuck on as an afterthought in the bottom left corner, as currently done. Click on it for a larger version.

image of iTunes window mixed with Finder window

  • Of course the iTunes Music Store is an occasional wonder of presentation, but that’s only the place to buy stuff not enjoy what you already have…

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