Tindersticks play their entire second album in full (Don’t Look Back at the Barbican)

Picture of album, Tindersticks 2

Nice night out with Tim and Is. The ‘Don’t Look Back’ concept wasn’t attractive at all to me, but I booked tix because I thought Tindersticks had split up and I’d always wanted to see them live. They pretty much played II note for note which was weird. I could only get with the concept if the artist radically reinterpreted the original. They made no effort whatsoever in that regard. I definitely wouldn’t want to see John Martyn redo Solid Air, for instance. For me the gig really came alive once they’d done the album – I don’t want to know what’s coming next, I’d rather be surprised. Tindersticks are such a weird band – so gloomy that I can’t help laughing, so oddly narrow in the furrow they plough. Staples sings like Vic Reeves’ in a club style. I’ve never witnessed a band with less charisma. They looked like a bunch of reluctant Stars In Their Eyes contestants standing in for a real band. I really enjoyed it.

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