Recent Raster Noton sleeves

Two new CD sleeves

A couple of interesting review discs received recently from Raster Noton. First up is Alva Noto’s Xerrox Vol.1, inaugural release in a planned trilogy. Panned in The Wire (I hate when critics do a hatchet job – and yes, I’m being a hypocrite as I’ve occasionally done the same in the past, though don’t plan to do so again), I’ve found the music to be strikingly beautiful, majestic, verging on elegiac. I’m not an expert on Raster Noton, but own a few of their releases. Xerrox’s format follows in the tradition of Alva Noto’s previous trilogy by presenting the CD caught in a folded three-part sleeve.

xerrox sleeve

I particularly like its ability to stand as a triangular three-dimensional form:

Xerrox sleeve

The other release, Senking by List (or is it List by Senking?) occupies the same physical space when folded as the Alva Noto, but operates very differently.

Senking sleeve

A small, semi-circular indent allows the user to partially pull out a card inner drawer from the outer casing. On the inside flap are the track and music details, the CD rests against a semi-reversed version of the outer image and can be easily withdrawn and replaced. Curiosity is piqued by the partial access given to the inside, but it proves impossible to see past a certain point – perhaps this design will result in a small number of disassembled sleeves, who knows. What I love about it is the simultaneous sense of mystery and discovery achieved with minimal means (entirely characteristic for this label). It makes me to realise how infrequently the potential for a sense of opening and discovery has been exploited by traditional jewel-cased CDs.

senking sleeve
Does anyone know of other designs in this or other vein that explore this potential?

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