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Bloody hell. I’m casually perusing, tired from a long day and what should I spot on the auto-generated Scott Walker page, but commenters remarking on the imminent release of a new Scott Walker work. Didn’t hear about this anywhere else. Further investigation on the 4AD site reveals a release date of 1 October. It’s an instrumental work in four parts for dance. I’m expecting something like a more expansive version of his dark collage soundtrack for Pola X. Anything new by Scott Walker is wonderful news and worthy of headlines!

I shouldn’t be publishing the following as it’s not very good and unfinished, but it’s sat in my drafts folder for ages so what the hey.

Listener update #3:

I beg your tolerance in this matter.

The Drift? Get that damn monkey off my back. Why did he have to do it? He might have presented a gift rather than a curse. It’s there so needs must be heard, listened to, assimilated (however unwillingly). Could it be denied? Perhaps, though no, not for Walker acolytes. Is The Drift his apotheosis, endgame? But then there’s that orphan track, An influence upon everybody from David Bowie to Bryan Ferry, David Sylvian to Billie Mackenzie, but is that so important? It’s a poor claim to significance at most, the tracing of lineage, the detection of memes, soft-edged as they are.

the degree to which he compresses feeling is remarkable. That he then transmutes sentiment (in the articulating) into rare minerals that refuse to reflect light. What use to put such a voice to. Such a voice. It deservedly has its cult, once worldwide now reduced though no less, perhaps more, ardent for that. Still ask, why did he do this? The Drift refuses ease, use, melody, rhythm, empathy, converts wonder into horror, reverses the flow of its predecessor.

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