Heavy listening mode


I’m in the mode for heavy music, fuelled in part by my recent acquisition of a pair of Ultimate Ears super.fi 5 extended bass headphones (or personal monitors as they like to call them, heh heh). Listening to them is at first like walking into a bass-heavy club. My trusty Shure E3Cs, part of which snapped off in my bag not so long ago, ouch, hence this purchase, failed on the dubstep test – some bass parts just weren’t there. Only downside of them are their size, they are a tad outlandishly large for ear-canal headphones and I might have hesitated if I’d physically seen them rather than ordering them online. Here’s my current heavy listening playlist:

  • 2562 / A Made Up Sound – all the 12″s thus far available on one playlist. Can’t wait for the new Techno Dread/Enforcers 12 upcoming imminently and Boomkat’s mention of an album in the pipeline has this sucker hot with anticipation…
  • Benga / Diary of an Afro Warrior – been loving this one since I bought it.
  • Burial / Burial – ’nuff said, prefer this to the second by a country mile.
  • John Coltrane / Live In Japan – roiling out there’ness from ’66.
  • Krust / Decoded – what happened to Krust? This is a great 12″ offshoot from the patchily brilliant Coded Language.
  • Miles Davis / On The Corner + Dark Magus – the heaviest bastards from the heaviest fucker of them all.
  • Scorch Trio / Luggumt – leadweight power trio features Raoul Björkenheim, Håker Flaten and Paal Nilssen-Love. If those names don’t conjure a little thrill, you’re deaf or dead.
  • Signal / Robotron – this is best when it’s deafening you.
  • T++ / All the 12″s – Torsten Pröfrock is god. My playlist includes his characteristically brilliant remix of Shackleton’s Death Is Not The End as well.
  • Terje Isungset / Iceman Is – ice is the new metal. Or something.
  • Various / … Compiled – Chain Reaction compilation, fairly rare, very heavy.
  • Von Südenfed / Tromatic Reflexxions – played this to death, forgot about it, now resurrected it. Wish I could source the remixes, would love to hear ‘em, would pay to download them. Update: just spotted that they’re available on iTMS :-)

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