An interview with Jan Jelinek

Jan Jelinek is one of the most interesting artists currently working in the field of electronic music. His output to date has been released both under his own name and under a number of pseudonyms including Gramm, Farben and Jan Jelinek Avec The Exposures, the latter a fictional group for latest album La Nouvelle Pauvrete. At time of writing his discography comprises the following releases:

  • ICE compositions (Farben)
  • Textstar / Starbox (Farben)
  • Loop-Finding Jazz Records (Jelinek)
  • Personal Rock (Gramm)
  • Improvisations and Edits with Computer Soup (Jelinek)
  • La Nouvelle Pauvrete (Jelinek Avec The Exposures)
Jelinek's music is a plexus of implied space, maximised minimalism, groove and conceptual enquiry.

The interview was undertaken by email over a period of two months at the beginning of 2004. My sincere thanks to Jan for agreeing to be interviewed. Please either select the arrow (below right) to begin reading the interview or select Options (above right) to learn more about this interview and to manipulate its interface.

Colin Buttimer, Eleventhvolume.